"Portland" technology and equipment have been used in most of the domestic cement companies, and the cooperative relationship is great. We have established a national professional spare parts warehousing and logistics center for steel cord belt elevators to ensure quality and direct supply from stock. Besides,we are establishing the plate chain elevators spare parts center and the flender standard gearbox DH series stocking center.

Hydraulic coupling

Segmented friction liner

Flender gearbox

Belt clamp

Bucket and chain


For steel cord belt elevators, our company stocks various types of accessories. Including: steel cord belt, belt clamp, rubber plate, various types of bucket bolts, head pulley assembly, friction liner, bucket, tail pulley assembly, hydraulic coupling, magnetic coupling and flender gearbox, etc.

Simultaneously, our company can also provide other brands of elevators machine production transformation, production of sub-delivery and other work.

Stock various types of steel cord belt

As for other equipment accessories of our company, we can provide plate chain elevator chain, split head sprocket, bucket and other accessories, Coriolis metering system sensor, touch screen, PLC, transmitter and other accessories.

        Magnetic coupling