The steel cord belt elevator and Coriolis coal powder metering system are our main products, which are widely used in major group cement companies at home and abroad, and are deeply trusted and loved by customers. In addition, our company also has plate chain bucket elevators, Coriolis bulk cement metering systems, Coriolis industrial slag powder metering systems, Coriolis raw material metering systems, various valves, chutes and other products.

Portland NSE series of high-quality plate chain bucket elevators adopt serialization, standardization and modular design concepts to optimally design the vertical elevator which use a pair of plate sleeve roller chains as traction parts. It is suitable for vertical and efficient conveying of bulk materials. The main technical features are as follows:

(1)Lifting ability range: 65~ 2200m3/h; operating speed ≤ 1.2m/s, lifting height ≤ 65m, material temperature ≤ 250℃;

(2)Ensure that the minimum safety factor of a single chain is above 12;

(3)Full load start.

Our NSE series plate chain bucket elevators have been marketed in batches, covering the largest specification NSE1800. The sprocket and chain brands are Ketten-Wolf and Portland.

Since 1996, Portland has carried out the development of Coriolis powder material metering technology and the production of related products. Relying on the company's comprehensive advantages in cement production process, metering principles, equipment design, automatic control methods and other related majors, and a group of experts who have been engaged in cement production process research for a long time, they have successfully developed a new generation of large-flow powdery material metering system-cement bulk weighing integrated system, which realizes the integration of cement bulk and metering, with a metering accuracy of ±0.5%.

The application of this integrated system for bulk cement metering can simultaneously complete the load metering during the process of filling cement in the bulk truck, which changes the traditional method of loading and metering separately. The system is also suitable for the metering of the volume of cement bulk ship carriers.

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